Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2 By Robert T. Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2

Today we are telling you the story of Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2 in detail. We will discuss the rich dad poor dad summary. This book is a great motivation for us. Rich dad poor dad is one of the best books that you may have ever read. Let’s get started on our story.

Rich dad poor dad introduction summary

Life does not give us a guarantee and warranty. We see how an educated, intelligent, and hardworking person does not succeed while a person who has less intelligence, less knowledge, and less intelligence succeeds.

For this, I have chosen the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. This book was the best book of its time and even today this book is the best you can find. This book changed the lives of many people.

If you are going to start your own business and move on in life but there is a full stop in your life then this book is a must-read for you. Find the best motivation in Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2.

Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T. Kiyosaki

In this book, Robert T. Kiyosaki tells about his life. In Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2, he said that he used to give the status of his father to two people, one of whom had a Ph.D., and the second one lived up to 8th grade and had a modest income.
I have always seen this man in trouble and confusion while I have always seen the other father reach new heights of success.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2 by Robert T. Kiyosaki says that I tried to understand the successful and unsuccessful people in the society and then he laid down seven principles.

Here are seven things to keep in mind if you want to succeed and be respected.

Never Work For Money


A rich man never works for money. For example, a man named John spends every hour and every day of his life earning money but still considers his wealth insufficient.

While the other person Bin keeps trying to find out what to invest in and where to invest in.
Instead of saving the money, he thinks about where to put the money, from where the money I have invested gives me a profit, then he starts investing the money in the places where the more money starts coming from.

This means that a rich man can carry a lot of people with him. while a poor man thinks to himself.
The rich man uses people in such a way that they become moneymakers for him.
while the poor man does everything for himself. So he is confined to one place. He can’t do any work properly because he has a lot of work to do. If we look around us, many people are overwhelmed by fear and greed.

Fear that we will not be able to do it and agreed that I will get all the money. Both of these things are a big obstacle to being rich and developed. This is A short summary of this book. For complete detail of reading our content Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 1. Now we are moving to the Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Why Teach Financial Literacy?


One of the most dangerous advice you can give your children today is to go to school, get good grades, get a good job. This advice may have been correct in the past, but now it is bad and dangerous advice.

If you could see what is happening in Europe and South Asia today, you would say what I am saying.

Robert T. Kiyosaki believes this is bad advice. If you want your child’s financial future to be secure, it will never be secure under the old rules.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2 Untold Part

I asked him, what the old rules meant? He said that the rules that people like us have in mind during the game are different from yours. Then he said what happens if the Corporation wants to reduce its staff?

It is very difficult when people are suddenly shocked, they are surrounded by worries, their families are hurt, unemployment rises, I said it’s all right. But what happens to a company, especially a public one?
What is a stock exchange? Usually, when a company announces liquidation, the price of the stock goes up. I said that the stock market likes such things because it has reduced the expenses of the company.

This can be done by reducing the workforce or by increasing the use of machines because they are more efficient than humans.

That’s right he said, when the stock price goes up people like me, the shareholders, get richer. By different rules, that’s what I mean.

Workers are at a disadvantage. Owners and investors are at an advantage.


But ordinary people don’t know why this happens. I said that they only say that I have been abused, so I just tell the children to go to school and get good grades. There is no formula based on wisdom.

He said that assuming that there is a high level of ignorance that a child studying in a school will face a new challenge after graduation, then he will not face any difficulty.

Every child needs more education and these are the principles that need to be known. There are some laws about money that only rich people know. He began to say and the remaining 95% of people receive what he receives at home and school.
So nowadays just telling a child to study hard and get good grades and find a stable job is not enough but it is somewhat dangerous. Today’s child needs more education.
I don’t care how many computers there are in the school or how much money is being spent on education.


He has to teach a subject that is not in the school syllabus. How can you teach accounting to a child and above all, how to teach your child to invest if you do not have the ability to invest.

How can you tell your child what you don’t know? Instead of telling your children to do what they do care and to protect themselves, tell them to be careful, and to take risks. Learn to take risks.

Instead of being afraid, take the plunge. The question is, How do you tell your kids about money or other things? Did we talk about today? I asked Robert.

He said that it can be made common sense so that the child can easily understand while we ourselves do not know much about it. I have written a book about it. I said where is this book?

It’s been on my computer for a while now it’s random and broken into small pieces. Sometimes I add a little bit to it but so far I’ve found it in book form.

When I saw that book, it was really incomplete. It was in small parts. I decided that this book is valuable and important and was very important in view of the changed circumstances and times. That is why we read this book( Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2) by Robert.
How much financial education a child needs. It depends on the child if he had a feeling in childhood that he wanted to be rich and fortunately his father was rich and wanted to lead him.

He said that education is the foundation of success and just as mental readiness and agility are important in the pursuit of education, so are awareness and ability in book communication in economic matters. This book is actually by Robert’s two fathers.
A father is his real father whose mindset is a poor mindset another one who is actually his uncle is the father of his friend whose Mindset is rich and he is creative.

This book by Rabbit is the story of an education that his two fathers taught him. I helped write this book, put it together and made it into a book, and made it understandable to arrange.


If an accountant reads this book, I urge him to forget his books and pay attention to Robert’s words, although there are many ideas that deviate from the basic principles of accounting, but most importantly. The point this book highlights is what a true investor should keep in mind when investing. Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2 will tell us all about investment.

When we parents advise our children to go to school, urge them to work hard, and get them a good job, we usually do this habit because we have this in mind from the beginning. The path is right.

When I first met Robert, I was shocked to hear his revolutionary ideas. Two fathers raised him. Both had different ideas and both wanted to run it in their own way. There were two purposes instead of one. His educated father had advised him to work on the farm. His amir had told him about his farm Cole. Both of them needed education but their subjects were completely different. Were

Now that you have educated him, you have helped him become a smart man. Read more about Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2 we have provided a pdf link where you can read the remaining part of Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary for free.

Rich Dad Poor Dad


That was the short story of Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 2 from us. We try our best to provide you this story in simple and easy words. We will provide you rich dad poor dad introduction summary very soon. Keep connected with us. Contact us for more help. Don’t forget to share our content with others. Cheers!

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