Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 1

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 1

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 1 And what lessons have we learned from this? Friends, this novel is trendy all over the world and a lot of people have developed themselves a lot through this novel. So far, millions of people have downloaded this novel and benefited a lot from it.

In today’s post, we will tell you some important things in the first summary of this book which will make you very excited and you will also take some steps to make yourself successful.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 1

In this story, there is a boy named Robert who considered himself a father. He had a father who was very educated and wise but he was always struggling to make money but one of his friends. When Mike likened it to his chapter, it seemed to him that Mike’s father was not well-educated and that his father had not even passed the eighth grade, but for his family. He left a lot of property. He presented a point of view between the two, one who is very close, one who is very rich.

The writer is spreading the story of a 9-year-old boy and he is telling about his friend Jimmy who did not invite him to a party. Tor Butt asked his father how I could become rich.

You are very wise and educated so give me some advice to get rich. Torab’s father told him that I am educated and wise but I do not know anything about making money that I If I am not rich myself, how can I advise others to be rich?

Upon hearing this, Robert And MikeThey both started the business and both started trying to make it at the age of nine. When my father saw me, my father and my friend started making fun of me. I asked my friend’s father for advice that he knows the secret to make money and getting rich. You can contact him and he will tell you something that will make you rich.

So both of them wanted to make more money, so they both wanted to make more money in less time.

At first, Robert thought that as soon as I got some information from his rich father we would become rich in a very short time but his thinking proved to be completely wrong he was not getting as much money as he was entitled to.

because his rich father gave him an hour. If he continued to work like this, he would not be rich for the rest of his life. He decided to give up this job, so his father asked him how he could become rich.

He said that no rich man works for money they make money work for them. So the rich father said, “There is an example of this. Get up in the morning, go to work, fill the bill, and then go to work, and then come, then fill the bill, and then go to work.”

I call it a rat race. People’s lives are based on emotions and greed. Their whole life is always based on two emotions. One is money. They say I don’t need money but still, they have to work eight hours. They get up early in the morning and try to make money.

So his father said that the biggest cause of poverty is dreams and ignorance. There is no government responsible for poverty. Nor is it that being rich makes you poor or being rich makes you poor.

Explaining this, Rich Dad gave the example that a donkey is moving so much weight on top of a cart that when it loses its speed, its owner contacts a picture of a carrot in front of it. The speed increases and he will eat this carrot, he further explained that the rich know that money is an illusion as the carrot was an illusion for the donkey that he would eat it, most people do not give it a chance. All the time running around looking for money looking for a good job to pay money and bills.

Robert and Mike listened intently as they worked for a rich dad.

Robert saw an opportunity and started a comic book as well as a comic library that was not for sale. He did not allow money to give preference to emotions and greed before you use your brain to give you a better chance.

Friends, if you have known anything about the Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Chapter 1, then I hope you have found this post very useful and we will upload all the fathers of this summary on this website.

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